The Photoshop Best Pencil Brushes On Planet Earth

How I lost the best pencil brush in the world

I don’t know about you but I’ve been running around like crazy trying to get things done lately. Checking items off my list one by one. It’s been crazy busy here at the studio but don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you guys. Here is a little present for all you Photoshop users out there.

pencil brush sample by bob ostrom

The Bobby O Pencil Brushes in action!

The story of the Pencil Brush.

Once apron a time many years ago I was looking for a Photoshop brush I could use that looked like a pencil. I wanted something that could do thick and thin lines. I wanted something that looked like the fat line of the Berol Prismacolor pencil I used to use when I did traditional art. Nothing fancy, nothing  crazy just a good pencil line. I looked everywhere and tried everything I could get my hands on but I couldn’t find anything I really liked. I had almost given up. Then one day I found a free download online. The post  was simple it said, “No charge, if you like it share it.”

bobby-o-photoshop-pencil-brushesI downloaded that brush and it turned out to be everything I was looking for. It was great. It quickly became one of my ‘go to’ brushes. I used it all the time, then one day while I was messing around with Photoshop something terrible happened. I accidentally deleted it. No problem, I knew I had a copy somewhere. I’m pretty much a pack rat when it comes to the computer. I probably saved it to an external drive or something but when I searched my computer for the back-up that was gone too. I looked everywhere. Somehow there wasn’t a single copy anywhere. It seemed impossible but my brush was gone. Not anywhere in Photoshop and not anywhere on my computer. I scoured the Internet in search of the lost brush but it had been so many years it was like looking for an acorn in the woods. It was gone.


I searched every term I could think of but that brush was gone. Instead of wasting my time chasing my tail I decided I to try and recreate that brush. I also decided I was going to be a whole lot more careful about not losing it this time around. Knowing almost nothing about creating Photoshop brushes I set out on a quest. I worked on it, I tweaked it and changed it until I had something just like the original. Then I tweaked it some more making  different variations and improvements. I certainly don’t consider myself to be any kind of brush building expert but I hope you’ll find this brush as useful as I do.

Grab your copy now

I tested these brushes with a few students earlier and made some improvements now I  need a few more brave souls to help me test my updates. In return I’ll be offering this brush set as a free download and sending you a very short three or four question survey to see how it worked out for you. I’ll keep the offer up from now until we finish rebuilding the site. After that I’m going to pull them back down, make a few tweaks and they get posted to the store. So if you want in on this deal grab it now



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