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Q and A – How to convert spot colors to CMYK in Adobe Illustrator

Warning: “When spot colors are used w/transparency, changing them to process colors outside of Illustrator can generate unexpected results”.

Have you ever stumbled across this warning when you went to save an Illustrator file? Have you ever wondered what a spot color is, who uses them and why? Like all colors available in Adobe Illustrator spot colors can be an important part of specific projects. The trouble comes when we inadvertently use them where or when they shouldn’t be used.  Spot colors are basically premixed colors used primarily for printing. They are used to assure color consistency. They will often show up in design projects, logos or where colors variables are not desired. Spot colors can behave differently than CMYK color and that’s why it’s important to know how and when to use them.

If you’ve ever used spot colors by mistake or inherited a file where someone else used them and weren’t sure how to change them to the format you need? Here is a quick “ How to Convert Spot Colors“, video that should help clear things up and make sure you never see that warning again.