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My teaching philosophy is simple, learning new skills should never feel intimidating or overwhelming. My computer classes focus on basic principles you will use everyday. Each lesson is broken down into small easy to understand tasks that gradually build on one another. Although much of the subject matter we discuss tends to be on the technical side, it is always taught in a simple, practical manner. My goal is to make sure students gain a total understanding of how and why things work the way they do. 




What are Students Saying?

What are students saying about classes at

Bucky Jones – Illustrator

Wow, Bob Ostrom is an awesome teacher! Seriously, what he covered in 1/2 an hour, and how he was able to explain it in a way that even I could understand...just awesome! If you ever have the chance to take a class or have a lesson with him, I highly recommend it! Thanks, Bob!

Candice Davies, Author Illustrator

I'm writing to sing the praises of Bob Ostrom. It's clear from his artwork that he's mastered his media and is an accomplished artist. But being accomplished doesn't necessarily equate to being a quality teacher. How many of us have had that 'genius' professor that was just plain incomprehensible? I have. Paid big bucks for "industry standard" gurus before I met Bob, and each one left me feeling more inept and discouraged than before. Fortunately, Bob is one of the rare jewels in which craftsmanship and quality instructor coalesce. His delightful sense of humor makes learning fun and his sincere desire to help his students unlock their potential make learning relevant and exciting.

Tara Urbach – Artist

Thanks Bob! I'm so happy I took this 3 pack of classes for Illustrator. I was proficient coming in - but I knew I could benefit from Bob's years of professional experience and the fact that he stays so current with the upgrades. I picked up a lot of tips that will help me with my speed and efficiency - which was my goal. Mission accomplished! Thanks again!!!


Weekly Video Tutorials

A great way to sharpen your skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign?

Creating a Soft Edge Vector Mask .AI

Using the Photoshop Liquify Filter

Cleaning up PDF’s Hidden Layers With .AI

Cleaing up the Brush Strokes in .AI

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This site will temporarily be under construction for the next week or so while I take care of some much needed upgrades. I will be back with more great info, tutorials and classes shortly. See you soon!

digital illustration course by bob ostrom

Digital Illustration Course

Let’s Get Digital

Great news Artists! The Digital Illustration course you’ve been asking for is now officially live and part of the spring/summer line up at Wake Technical Community College in Cary. Classes will begin May 25th meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-9:30pm!
This class focuses on basic drawing and coloring techniques used to create digital illustration in both Photoshop and Illustrator. This is an introductory class demonstrating how to get the most out of your programs whatever your style of art may be. If you want to learn how the pros do it this class is for you.
 digital illustration course by bob ostrom

For more info on the class you can visit the wake Tech website at:

To sign up:

Class syllabus

Can I Get it Online?

I do not have plans to bring this class online at the moment but if there is enough interest I will definitely consider it. If you think you might like to join an online version of this class please use the following link and I will add your name to the list. Once I have ten or more students I’ll create and run an online version of this class.


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Adobe InDesign Tip -Using Object Styles

Adobe InDesign Quick Tip:

Using Object Styles

Indesign is a very powerful layout tool with lots of great short cuts built right in. In this demonstration I will show you how to use the graphic styles panel to copy and apply several effects, first to one image then to several images. I will also show you how to make changes to those effects and apply them to multiple images from within the graphic styles panel. All of these techniques were designed to help you save time and have more control over your layout process. So if you’re looking for something to help speed thing up and make you a better layout artist look no further. InDesign and Object Styles have you covered.

If you are interested in learning Photoshop Illustrator or InDesign you can schedule a personalized one on one tutoring session online or in person with me. For more information on rates and availability please use this link

Drawn by Success Interview – 1/29/16 – Adobe Illustrator 101

It was great finally getting back in touch with the amazing Carlos Castellanos and doing a new episode for Drawn By Success last week. This time instead of being a co-host though I was actually a guest. Here in this interview you’ll have a chance to meet my new team from and learn a little bit more about the friends I have been working with on our upcoming Adobe Illustrator 101 class. I couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve been doing and I’m looking forward to announcing some of the other new classes we have coming up very soon. We have a very special offer for Drawn by Success listeners so make sure to grab a pencil and paper and jot down the info Kelly talks about toward the end of the interview. logo artMeet the Askillity Team:

Bob Ostrom – Expert Instructor, All around good guy!

bob ostrom photoYou already know me but in case you’re new to this blog my name is Bob Ostrom I am an artist and an expert instructor in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. I offer special one on one coaching and tutoring sessions through this site as well as online classes and in person classes at by appointment. I am also an instructor at Wake Tech Community College here in Raleigh NC. I work with all levels of students from beginner to seasoned professionals. By gearing my lessons specifically toward what my students want to learn we are able to accelerate the learning curve and give them an advantage they can use in their chosen field.

Kelly Phillips WordPress expert, marketing genius.

image kelly phillips with her new book no fear guide to updating wordpressYou may remember Kelly form the interview that Carlos and I did with her a little while back on Drawn By Success called: 5 Steps To Launching Your Creative Business Successfully for more info on Kelly and the services she offers please check out this most excellent interview. You will learn about her Word Press coaching, what she teaches and how you can reach her for expert level advice.

Rob Rode – Co-Expert Instructor

photo expert instructor Rob RodeRob has been immersed in digital media for well over 15 years.  He began in motion picture production—making films!  It wasn’t until the late 90’s when he saw a shift in how digital technology was becoming a major influential factor where tools such as Photoshop were being used to enhance post-production graphics. He spent a lot of time digging into these new tools and while he was having a blast learning new techniques, he also realized that there was even more to learn—and that’s when mastering Photoshop became a priority!

He left my position as Production Lead at a commercial advertising company and dove into an immersive training program that focused on all the Adobe applications including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere and After Effects.  The training opened his eyes to the many facets of design beyond film making, and he began sharpening his skill set to include print and multimedia work.  he spent countless hours learning everything he could…and pretty soon, was teaching all he had learned to others.

For info on upcoming classes and more…


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Part 1 - $10.00


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Part 3 - 39.00


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tutoring, ostrom

Personalized Tutoring Sessions $50.00