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Why is it so hard to publish?

I’ve been posting stuff online forever yet, here I sit with my finger hovering above the publish button again. What if my post is riddled with spelling mistakes? What if there are embarrassing grammar mistakes? What if people reading this article are too polite to point out my errors and I just come off looking like an idiot? What if I get snarky comments? What if? What if?…

It’s easy to fixate on the negatives. The problem is that if you do, nothing gets posted, nothing gets done. It all just sits in the sorting bin waiting to be revised over and over again while you search for the perfect words. Here’s a little tip. There are no perfect words. It’s quicksand. The more you struggle the deeper it gets. If you want to make progress you need to let go of the idea that everything needs to be perfect. It won’t. It will never be. You’ll always find mistakes, better ways to do things and excuses not to publish. So, my advice? Take a deep breath, let it go and hit the publish button.

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