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Learn Adobe Illustrator – How to Use the Width Tool

Learn Adobe Illustrator – The Width Tool

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adobe illustrator demo art Illustrator has been such a huge part of my career I don’t know where I’d be without it. I’ve used this program to help me illustrate well over 200 books. Many of my student have come to my class after trying and failing to learn this program on their own.

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Sometimes the pen brush just doesn’t do the trick, that’s when the width tool comes in handy.

To help those students out I’ve recently begun a new series called The Illustrator isn’t Scary Series. This series is aimed squarely at beginners. Like all the lessons and demos on this site the focus is mainly for artists. It will feature lessons and tutorials for anyone who may have tried Illustrator and got frustrated or is struggling to learn the program without as much success as they’d like.

Because Illustrator is a vector based program it may not be as intuitive as other program like Photoshop. I’m hoping this series will encourage all those artists who have been intimidated by Illustrator to give it another look.

If you liked what you saw in this video and would like to learn more please join me Thursday February 13th at 8PM Eastern for my free live Adobe Illustrator Demo.

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