Everything You Know About Copyright Is About To Change – An Interview by Will Terry

Good Day Artists,

I wanted to reach out to you to let you know about something that may change the way you do business for years to come. There are new copyright laws being proposed right now that will have a dramatic impact on the protections we’ve come to know and enjoy as artists. If you are unfamiliar with the new proposals don’t be surprised. This one flew under my radar too.

Here is a video interview that amazing Will Terry put out recently that does a fantastic job of covering the issue (Thank you Will for letting me post this on the site today). In it he interviews the legendary Brad Holland. Brad runs through all the important issues and how they could potentially harm the protections we have come to rely on to make our living. If you don’t think these issues will have an effect on you or your business, think again. These changes are sweeping and dramatic.

The time for action is very short so please watch and send in your letters on or before the deadline this Thursday July 23 2015.



I’ve noticed the video I posted earlier this week pertaining to new potential copyright laws and the changes that might incur has stirred up a bit of controversy.


If you watched the video I posted here on the site you’ll understand the cause for alarm and why I felt it was important to share the information right away. Since I’m not an expert on copyright law and have very little experience with law of any kind I decided to reach out to an expert to try and learn more.

The expert I consulted was Zack Strebeck an attorney who specializes in just this sort of thing. Zack and I have known each other for many years and worked together for Vivendi Universal at Funny Bone in Canton CT during the late 90s and early 2000s. After the company closed its doors in 2002 I continued with my art career while Zack pursued a degree in law. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Zack and have come to know him an excellent authority on such matters.

Earlier this week I reached out to get Zack’s opinion on what was happening and to see if he knew anything more about the issue. I shared the link to the video interview I posted as well as several others I found on both sides of the fence. I found it confusing to see two sides so far apart and I felt I needed some help clarifying the issue. I wanted a better understanding of how it might effect me and others in the illustration community.

Here is a link to Zack’s post and his observations on the matter. Please take a moment to read and observe all sides of this issue and then draw your own conclusion.

I know this topic has ignited a lot of passions so please be respectful when leaving comments