December Classes- Adobe Illustrator, Raleigh Area

Upcoming classes – Adobe Illustrator Wake Tech, Cary

I will be teaching an illustrator course this Friday December 4th and next Friday December 11th at Wake Tech in Cary the Mill Pond location. This is an all day class from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm with a one hour lunch break.  Students need not have experience working with this or any other Adobe programs to attend. For more information please email Betsy Knocklein at: or call Betsy at 919-334-1632. Visit our blog at

About Illustrator.

Illustrator is a program created by Adobe used to produce vector graphics. While there are other programs that allow users to create vector graphics, Adobe Illustrator is currently the industry standard. Vector graphics have become increasingly popular and are now considered essential for most designer jobs.

Vector graphics

Don’t let the name fool you Illustrator is not just for illustration in fact it is also one of the best layout and design tools on the market today. So what is vector art and why is it so popular?
When it comes to producing 2D digital art there are basically two options, vector and raster. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. In my humble opinion the reason vector art is so popular is the ability to scale without loss of resolution, so no matter what size you chose to choose to use your art the resolution remains consistent. That means the same logo I use for my business card can also be used on a billboard or the side of my clients delivery truck without having to worry about pixelation or legibility. Why is that so important? Here is a quick example of what it looks like when a bitmap image loses its resolution. Notice the jagged and blurred edges. The further we push the more difficult it becomes to read, the image begins to simply break down.

So if vector art is so great why in the world would anyone choose to use raster?

As I mentioned earlier both have their advantages. While vector is great for producing high quality images it is not great for editing photos. Of course you can do some simple editing with Illustrator but for the real deal Photoshop would be a much better option. Reason number 2, Vector images can not be viewed or posted online they must first be converted to bitmap. Fortunately the conversation process is quite simple but it must be considered none the less.


For designers Adobe Illustrator is a must. For digital artists and illustrators I would highly recommend learning this program. For photographers, videographers and fine artists you might consider another program unless you plan to use this for something other than producing your art. There are of course exceptions to every rule so if your not sure hop on over to Adobe and grab a copy of the free trial software. Adobe will let you use this and other programs 100% free for 30 days while you decide.
Quick side note for designers: The three programs I would consider a must for design related positions are Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. If you are uncertain which program to learn first I would recommend Photoshop or Illustrator first then move to InDesign. The Photoshop, Illustrator order in unimportant but most of my students tell me they find Photoshop a bit more intuitive.


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