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My teaching philosophy is simple, learning new skills should never feel intimidating or overwhelming. My computer classes focus on basic principles you will use everyday. Each lesson is broken down into small easy to understand tasks that gradually build on one another. Although much of the subject matter we discuss tends to be on the technical side, it is always taught in a simple, practical manner. My goal is to make sure students gain a total understanding of how and why things work the way they do. 




What are Students Saying?

What are students saying about classes at

Bucky Jones – Illustrator

Wow, Bob Ostrom is an awesome teacher! Seriously, what he covered in 1/2 an hour, and how he was able to explain it in a way that even I could understand...just awesome! If you ever have the chance to take a class or have a lesson with him, I highly recommend it! Thanks, Bob!

Candice Davies, Author Illustrator

I'm writing to sing the praises of Bob Ostrom. It's clear from his artwork that he's mastered his media and is an accomplished artist. But being accomplished doesn't necessarily equate to being a quality teacher. How many of us have had that 'genius' professor that was just plain incomprehensible? I have. Paid big bucks for "industry standard" gurus before I met Bob, and each one left me feeling more inept and discouraged than before. Fortunately, Bob is one of the rare jewels in which craftsmanship and quality instructor coalesce. His delightful sense of humor makes learning fun and his sincere desire to help his students unlock their potential make learning relevant and exciting.

Tara Urbach – Artist

Thanks Bob! I'm so happy I took this 3 pack of classes for Illustrator. I was proficient coming in - but I knew I could benefit from Bob's years of professional experience and the fact that he stays so current with the upgrades. I picked up a lot of tips that will help me with my speed and efficiency - which was my goal. Mission accomplished! Thanks again!!!


Weekly Video Tutorials

A great way to sharpen your skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign?

Creating a Soft Edge Vector Mask .AI

Using the Photoshop Liquify Filter

Cleaning up PDF’s Hidden Layers With .AI

Cleaing up the Brush Strokes in .AI

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How to use Gradients and Blending Modes and more in Adobe Photoshop

Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone, and welcome to my new co-host Rob Rode. Some of you may know Rob from our work on Rob will be joining me here on BobTeachesArt as an instructor and co-host. He is one of the best teachers I know. He is a wealth of knowledge and an all around great guy. I hope you will enjoy working with him as much as I do.

Season 5 ep 1

In this episode Rob will demonstrate how to use Photoshop's gradients, and blending modes. Rob will also show how by combining them with a few simple filters you can create the perfect night sky.

Web Graphics Mastery Class

The Web Graphics Mastery Class Rob mentioned is coming up February 8th, 7:00-8:30PM. For more info grab the course catalog

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How to Create a Blurred Edge Mask in Illustrator

There are two types of digital artists out there, artists who think in Vector and everybody else. I tend to land more in the everybody else category. As a traditionally trained artist vector doesn’t always make sense. It always feels like it’s a step or two away. I want this so I have to do that to get to that to get to my result. It’s a little like learning to speak a second language. You know what you want to say but you have to translate it in your head first before it makes sense. Earlier this week I was working with a client who needed a soft edge crop. Normally I’d go to Photoshop for something like that because it’s just such a simple thing but my client insisted the image remain in vector.

Don’t get me wrong when it comes to vector I know what I’m doing. A good portion of the work I do professionally is done in vector. I love the results it gives me but admittedly there are times when it’s a bit of a struggle. I guess for me bitmap just feels more intuitive. That’s why when I came across this request I was a bit stumped. I knew how to produce a soft edged shapes and I knew how to create a mask I just didn’t remember how to put the two together. I got in touch with a good friend of mine who walked me through it. Oddly there is very little information online dealing directly with the blurred edge vector mask so I decided it was time someone stepped up to the plate and changed that. This weeks video is short and sweet. I’ll walk you through the entire process in just a little over 3 minutes. I hope you like the video and find it useful. If you did please share it with a friend.

Until next week thanks for joining me and keep on keeping on.


simple tip from

Using Photoshop’s Best Filter, the Liquify Filter to Create Amazing Illustrations

Photoshop’s  Liquify Filter

This week we’ll be taking a look at one of my favorite filters in Photoshop, the Liquify Filter. Normally this is the filter you see a lot of people using to retouch photos and change body shapes but today we’re going to try something a little different. In this video I’m going to show you how to use the Liquify Filter to add life and movement to an otherwise somewhat static illustration. I love this technique because it’s such a quick east fix to an otherwise fairly common looking illustration. Next time you’re looking to add a little life to an illustration or photo why not give the Liquify Filter a try?

photo bob ostromMy name is Bob Ostrom and I am an instructor and expert user in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. These are not just the programs I teach they are  the programs I use on a daily basis to create award winning illustrations and top notch design. I provide private online and in person instruction for all levels of students. To schedule a tutoring session focusing on any or the three programs listed above simple use this handy link.

Being the Lone Ranger Sucks.

Online Teaching

I started teaching professionally about 6 or 7 years ago. Not long after that I started teaching online. It was a dream of mine for many years but figuring out how to bring my classes to the internet was a huge challenge. As technology has progressed it’s been easier to reach more students. My main goal is the same now as it was then. I want to help people. Maintaining it all however takes a tremendous amount of effort. Oh sure, it starts out innocently enough. A class here, and online session there but what happens when it’s time to grow? Unfortunately there are only so many hours in a day and trying to do it all is not the solution. It’s too big a job and frankly being the Lone Ranger sucks.

Working with Good People

About a year or two ago I started sharing my ideas for online teaching with a few friends. I was trying to find some highly qualified people who shared the same vision. It wasn’t easy and there were quite a few false starts. It was frustrating. I considered focusing my efforts on other things but I didn’t want to let it go. I knew if I could find the right team we could really make a difference. I was about ready to give up when I met with a couple of friends, also teachers, and we started to talk. We were all pretty much feeling the same thing. Bringing our talents online so we could reach more people was the dream, pooling our efforts was the solution.


We realized it was time to get serious. We began making plans a little over a year ago. The first step was to put out a pilot class, Illustrator 101, to see how it might work. We learned a lot. We continued to generate plans for new classes with local and online events to follow. We had weekly meetings and started putting the pieces together to make it real. I’m happy to announce that moving forward I will be working with two of the most talented teachers I know, Rob Rode and Kelly Phillips. Our combined efforts can be found at Some of you who are frequent visitors here may recognize those two names. For those of you who have not met Kelly or Rob you are in for a treat.

What happens to BobTeachesArt?

How does that effect what’s happening on this site? You won’t notice a huge change. I will still post lots of great weekly content but moving forward my online classes will begin migrating to This site will be dedicated mainly to individual coaching and online tutoring. You may also notice announcements posted here about upcoming classes and events just like the video at the beginning of this post.

Thank you

Before I wrap up I just wanted to thank you for being a part of and helping me to realize a dream. You guys are the best and its been great meeting you and getting to know you through the online classes, tutoring sessions and your frequent support. It’s been my absolute pleasure to share in your success stories and to see you grow and realize your dreams as well.

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